5 Reasons To Hire an Advertising Photographer

February 1, 2015 - 3 minutes read

There are many reasons to hire a commercial advertising photographer, here are just five of them

  1. The photographs you use represent your business. People can tell by your photographs if you are willing to cut corners, for example by using generic stock photography. They can also tell if you accept only the best and pay attention to details, like using custom made advertising photography.


  1. When you need to communicate ideas and emotions specific to your company and your brand. Advertising photographers study your existing materials and brand to learn how they can build on the past while infusing the brand with memorable new imagery. Commercial photographers know how to follow a layout and take direction from Art Directors and Marketing Directors. These photographers then add their own insight to create imagery that enhances your brand and lingers with your audience.

  2. In competitive industries, having a unique vision can make the difference between winning and losing a sale. Avoid generic stock photography designed for a variety of purposes and companies. Custom made photography shows the unique advantages of your products, services and company culture. Oakley sunglasses, Nike and Gatorade are built on this type of advertising photography.

  3. When you are investing your time, money and resources to create a campaign. Can you risk using flavour of the day stock imagery that all of your competitors have access to? One of my multi-national clients ran an expensive super-billboard campaign in Vancouver using stock photography. Directly across the highway their main competitor in Vancouver also ran a super-billboard using the same stock photograph…the horror.

Because of the gaff my client pulled down their very expensive super-billboard just days after putting it up. This client has committed to exclusively using assignment photography so they never run the risk of this type of embarrassment again. In 2010 a similar billboard disaster happened to another national client in Toronto. During the 2010 British Elections a stock photography disaster may have changed the outcome of the election.

  1. When photographing executives in under 15 minutes or a crew on a dangerous work site. These high pressure situations demand the use of an experienced photographer that will communicate with you in advance to develop a plan so that during the shoot every detail is accounted for. Hiring an advertising photographer allows you to focus on your priorities so you can create a message with impact and have fun doing it.

  2. Bonus Reason: Because we love our job and we have fun doing it.

Brett Gilmour


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