Initial Problem

Just before the 2014 Olympics the Canadian Luge Team lost their title sponsor. Without a title sponsor the team couldn't afford to go to Sochi. The promising Olympic team needed a marketing campaign to quickly secure key sponsors.

Unfortunately the team didn't have much promotional material they could use to help attract sponsors. The team had a library of generic racing photos but no portraits that showed who the athletes were, the photos made it hard to emotionally connect with them.

Our Solution

I felt the team needed intimate portraits so that potential sponsors could see the dedication and hard work the athletes commit to Luge Canada. I wanted to inspire sponsors with photographs of the training, dedication and excellence that drives the athletes to be the best.

My goal was for sponsors to see how they could inspire their own teams by affiliating with and modelling the athletes behaviours in their companies. To achieve this we created a series of portraits that showed the athletes dry land training, weight training, training on the track and standing in their uniforms. We showed the people, not the race track. 

Amazing Result

In part due to the portraits, the team secured major financial support and the entire team went to Sochi. The Canadian Luge Team had their best Olympics ever at Sochi 2014. They had three fourth-place finishes; women’s singles (Alex Gough), doubles (Tristan Walker and Justin Snith) and the team relay (Alex Gough, Sam Edney, Tristan Walker and Justin Snith).

The team has used the portraits to secure team funding and individual funding for the athletes and they have gone on to great success.

Portrait and Headshot Sessions